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Dual-degree/Jointly Supervised MPhil/PhD Programs
To expand our postgraduate students' research and learning opportunities, the School of Engineering at HKUST works in close collaboration with numerous leading institutions worldwide to offer dual-degree/jointly supervised MPhil/PhD programs on a wide range of research topics.


Dual-degree/jointly supervised programs are open to all full-time research postgraduate Engineering students (MPhil & PhD) at HKUST.

Collaborating Institutions at the School Level


Collaborating Institutions at the Department Level


Program Features

Under this Program, students may spend less time than normally required to complete two separate degree programs. It is intended that HKUST students will spend half of their study time at HKUST and the other half at their host institution.

 * The above diagram is for reference only. The actual times of completion of programs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Dual-degree/Jointly Supervised Program versus Exchange or Internship Program

Selection of Student Candidates

HKUST students who are interested in the dual-degree/jointly supervised program should first approach the School of Engineering for application.  Student candidates will be initially selected by the School of Engineering, and then presented to the host institution for review and approval for admission at the host institution.  All students admitted to this program must meet the admission requirements of the host institution.

Supervisor and Study Plan

Each HKUST student candidate admitted to a dual-degree/jointly supervised MPhil/PhD program will have a supervisor who is a faculty member at HKUST and a co-supervisor who is a faculty member at the host institution.   The co-supervisor is designated by the host institution, based on the student candidate’s research interest as well as the availability of faculty members who can match his/her research topic.

Once the supervisors at both institutions have been identified and the student candidate has been admitted to both institutions, this three-person group then works together to develop a comprehensive plan for the student to meet graduation requirements.  The plan will cover such aspects as when the student will be resident at HKUST and when at the host institution; classes to be taken; and research projects to be undertaken.  As time passes, the three will continue to work together to fine-tune the program to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Program Requirements

Student candidates must satisfy all of the academic and other requirements of both HKUST and the host institution in order to complete the studies under the program.  All courses taken by student candidates at HKUST will be taught in English.  Courses at the host institution will mostly be taught in English; however, this will depend somewhat on the institution and on the individual dual-degree/jointly supervised program's requirements.

HKUST students must register as full-time students at HKUST in their last term of study.


Tuition Fee and Costs

Students in the dual-degree/jointly supervised MPhil/PhD programs must register as MPhil/PhD students with their host institution, and pay the appropriate tuition and miscellaneous student fees if required by that institution for all the terms they are there.

During their time at their host institution, HKUST students may register on "off-campus study" status at HKUST, and need not pay any tuition fee to HKUST.

Credit Transfer

Student candidates in the Program may transfer academic credits to HKUST for courses taken at the host institution in order to satisfy HKUST’s degree requirements.  All such transfers will be made in accordance with HKUST’s regulations and policies related to credit transfer.


Financial Support

Students may be provided with financial assistance in the form of postgraduate studentship or scholarship by the institution at which they are registered, according to the prevailing rules and policies of that institution.


PhD Qualifying Examination

PhD students in dual-degree/jointly supervised programs are required to fulfil any requirements with regard to qualifying examinations of both institutions, if such exist.


MPhil/PhD Thesis Defense

Students are required to submit a thesis written in English, and defend it in English orally in front of a thesis examination committee at HKUST and/or their host institution(s). The membership of the thesis examination committee will adhere to the rules and regulations of MPhil/PhD thesis examination stipulated by both institutions.



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