Student Advising

Realising that there are growing needs for undergraduates under the student-centric curriculum, the School of Engineering, in collaboration with the Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I), has designed a carefully structured student advising sytem for its students. E2I serves as a one-stop shop in advising first-year students admitted to the School so that students can make a successful and smooth transition to university life and study, and make an informed decision on their future major program.

As early as 2010, a Peer Mentoring Program has been in place to take care of the incoming students. Peer Mentors are empowered to play a role in the learning of other students by designing purposeful learning experiences for them. This "learning to teach, teaching to learn" philosophy is also followed in other student development programs offered by E2I both on and off campus.

To cope with the intensifed advising needs that comes with the implementation of the 4-year (4Y) program in 2012, the advising system has been scaled up to include faculty and professional advisors, who work hand in hand with the Peer Mentors to provide support to engineering students in all dimensions.

E2I aspires to build a forward-looking and dynamic model of innovative learning experiences for engineering students that are student-centered and outcome-based. Under the umbrella of the student advising system, holistic student development workshops and on-going assessment support through research and evaluation studies will go side by side to ascertain how students' learning experiences influence their development of generic attributes and enhancement of social adjustment skills.