Division of Integrative Systems and Design

An HKUST academic unit managed by the School of Engineering, Division of Integrative Systems and Design (ISD) was established in 2017 focusing on delivery of design education to the entire HKUST university body through the use of experiential learning.


  • To be a Division which epitomizes the use of project-based experiential learning in design education
  • To be a cradle for nurture of innovators and researchers with design and system thinking mindset and entrepreneur spirit


  • To advance learning and knowledge through active teaching and transdisciplinary research in integrative systems design
  • To provide differentiated learning opportunities for our students, especially those with unique talents and learning potentials, to realize their contribution to self, society and the world

One of the key initiatives of the Division is to promote design-oriented approach for technological-based innovation. This objective necessitates students to understand what design is, the principles and core design attributes, and their relevance to science and technology disciplines. In addition, such fundamentals provide a common platform for rigorous discussion; as design is postulated to be an everyday problem-solving activity that students of all disciplines could master.

The ISD undergraduate degree program, BSc in Integrative Systems and Design, aimed to nurture innovators and researchers with design and systems thinking, will be launched in September 2018. The existing MPhil program in Technology, Leadership and Entrepreneurship under the School of Engineering will continue to be offered, now as one of the ISD education programs.