The Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers

The Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers was established under the School of Engineering (SENG) at HKUST. The Academy aims to provide an innovative and student-centered platform to engage high school learners in authentic engineering experiences and inspire them to embrace an engineer’s habits of mind. Students will build resilient problem-solving skills and be empowered to think like engineers through a series of collaborative and student-directed projects.

Engineering is at the heart of our city and our future, transforming ideas and materials into global infrastructure, products and services that in turn increase the wealth and health of our economy and society. As the biggest engineering school in Hong Kong, HKUST SENG takes the initiative to ignite young minds and foster new generations of engineers in Hong Kong.


  • Inspire students' interests towards engineering.
  • Encourage HKUST Engineering students to improve high-school education in an innovative way, by their engineering knowledge.
  • Create a platform to conduct engineering education research in high-school level.
  • Support high-school teachers to illustrate the concepts of engineering design in high-school curriculum.
  • Provide authentic learning experiences to high-school students and build up their engineering identity.
  • Build up a correct general public perception regarding engineering.
  • Offer long term mentoring support.