HKUST School of Engineering has drawn the highest no. of awardees among all engineering schools in Hong Kong for nine consecutive years in the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.
Research Areas
Advanced Materials & Technology

Aircraft & Aeronautical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence


Bio-engineering & Human Factors

Biomaterials & Chemical Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Imaging

Biomolecular Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering

Brain Machine Interfaces

Cancer Genomics

Computational Design

Control & Robotic Systems


Data Analytics

Data, Knowledge & Information Management

Design & Manufacturing, CAD/CAM

Ecological Engineering

Electronic Packaging


Environmental Engineering: Air Quality Study

Environmental Engineering: Environmental Hydraulics & Water Resources

Environmental Engineering: Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Engineering: Solid/hazardous Waste Management & Recycling/reuse

Environmental Engineering: Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Financial Engineering & Risk Management

Geotechnical Engineering

Green Building & Sustainable Development

Human Factors, Biomechanics & Cognitive Decision

Human-Computer Interaction

Infrastructure Development & Planning

Intelligent Construction Materials

Integrated Circuits & Systems

Integrative Systems & Design

LED Lighting

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics Management

Materials Science & Engineering for Energy & Biomedical Applications 

Mechatronics & Control


Nano Technology

Nanomaterials Science & Engineering

Networking & Computer Systems

Neural Engineering

Operations Research & Stochastic Modeling

Process System Engineering

Product & Process Engineering

Protein Engineering

Quality Engineering & Applied Statistics

Scheduling & Inventory Management

Service Operations Management

Service System Engineering

Signal, Information & Multimedia Processing

Signal Processing

Software Technologies

Solid Mechanics

Solid State Chemistry

Solid-State Electronics & Photonics

Supply Chain & Revenue Management

Supply Chain Management

System & Automation

Systems & Quantitative Biology

Systems Neuroscience

Theoretical Computer Science


Vision & Graphics

Wireless Communications & Networking