HKUST is ranked No.1 in Hong Kong and 17th in the world in Engineering and Technology. (QS World University Rankings in Engineering & Technology 2018)
Research Areas
Advanced Materials & Technology

Aircraft & Aeronautical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence


Bio-engineering & Human Factors

Biomaterials & Chemical Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Imaging

Biomolecular Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering

Brain Machine Interfaces

Cancer Genomics

Computational Design

Control & Robotic Systems


Data Analytics

Data, Knowledge & Information Management

Design & Manufacturing, CAD/CAM

Ecological Engineering

Electronic Packaging


Environmental Engineering: Air Quality Study

Environmental Engineering: Environmental Hydraulics & Water Resources

Environmental Engineering: Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Engineering: Solid/hazardous Waste Management & Recycling/reuse

Environmental Engineering: Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Financial Engineering & Risk Management

Geotechnical Engineering

Green Building & Sustainable Development

Human Factors, Biomechanics & Cognitive Decision

Human-Computer Interaction

Infrastructure Development & Planning

Intelligent Construction Materials

Integrated Circuits & Systems

Integrative Systems & Design

LED Lighting

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics Management

Materials Science & Engineering for Energy & Biomedical Applications 

Mechatronics & Control


Nano Technology

Nanomaterials Science & Engineering

Networking & Computer Systems

Neural Engineering

Operations Research & Stochastic Modeling

Process System Engineering

Product & Process Engineering

Protein Engineering

Quality Engineering & Applied Statistics

Scheduling & Inventory Management

Service Operations Management

Service System Engineering

Signal, Information & Multimedia Processing

Signal Processing

Software Technologies

Solid Mechanics

Solid State Chemistry

Solid-State Electronics & Photonics

Supply Chain & Revenue Management

Supply Chain Management

System & Automation

Systems & Quantitative Biology

Systems Neuroscience

Theoretical Computer Science


Vision & Graphics

Wireless Communications & Networking