HKUST is ranked No.1 in Hong Kong (globally 28th) in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 by Subject: Computer Science.

The HKUST quality assurance framework enables and encourages our collective effort to improve the quality of the university educational programs. It sets out key principles that characterize international best practice and emphasizes the need for evaluation and evidence. Under the framework, all members of the University have a role to play in the collective work of quality assurance and enhancement. For more information about the quality assurance framework at HKUST, please visit QA@HKUST

Under the leadership of the Dean, the School is responsible for the review and oversight of educational programs under Engineering and for ensuring that the University’s policies and procedures are implemented by Departments, in particular policies for the assurance and improvement of quality and the maintenance of academic standards. The School monitors departmental processes for assuring the quality of educational delivery and the maintenance of academic standards, works with Departments to implement international benchmarking of educational programs in line with University policy for external peer review.

The School submits an Annual Report to the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality on the quality assurance and improvement of educational programs under the School, based on the approved template.  Departments within the School of Engineering also submit annual QA reports that include reports on student performance, results of student feedback questionnaires, and other measures of departmental performance.