Undergraduate Education

An education at the School of Engineering is aimed at not only educating engineers who are technically competent, but also equipping them with a broad range of transferable competencies that enable them to solve complex global challenges of the 21st century.

The undergraduate curricula in the School of Engineering are broad-based with special attention given to laboratory skills, computer applications and design techniques. In addition to courses within the major discipline, engineering students have to take a prescribed number of common core courses during their undergraduate studies. All engineering students are engaged in technical communication courses that are carefully designed to sharpen students' English communication skills in a technical context. This mix of courses provides students with an integrated and modern view of the discipline. To complement academic training, the Industrial Training Program offers structured training in a simulated industrial environment, which helps students satisfy the training requirements of professional engineering bodies. Together, these reflect the fundamental facts that the mission of engineering is to produce and synthesize, and that engineering practice must be compatible with economic realities and the social environment.

Program Features
  • All lead to honors degrees
  • Credit-based system provides flexibility
  • Common core courses broaden your horizon
  • Minor programs option extends your knowledge
  • Dual program/dual degree designations opportunity diversify your skills
  • English as the medium of instruction
  • Course work in English strengthens language training

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