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David Chuan En LIN   林傳恩
Student Ambassador, 2017-18
Class of 2020, BEng Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Taipei City, Taiwan
Secondary School: Taipei European School, Taipei, Taiwan

So far, my experience with SENG has been an exciting and eye-opening adventure. Through the previous semesters, I have taken two courses ENGG1110 and ENGG1200 offered by the Center for Engineering Education Innovation. They were both rather unique, especially ENGG1200, a team airship design course essentially modeled after a condensed robotics team training boot camp. Collaborating within a team blended with four different cultural backgrounds upon a unified purpose, exposing ourselves to hands-on experience towards constructing our own airship, and completing in first place as a collective squad after weeks of hard work was a feeling of both pride and joy that words cannot fully describe.

I joined the Engineering Student Ambassador Program with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of SENG's operations, its programs, and the learning opportunities it offers, expanding my network and knowledge by meeting new people within and beyond the engineering community across diverse backgrounds, professions, and expertise, and for the unique opportunity to serve and contribute as an ambassador for the engineering community in HKUST.

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