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Head Student Ambassador, 2016-17
Student Ambassador, 2014-15
Class of 2016, BEng Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hometown: Indonesia
Secondary School: SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta, Indonesia

I started my study in the school of Business in HKUST. I chose to major in Business as I love to talk and meet people, and I considered Business suits my interests and fulfills my passion. However, as the first semester passed, I was certainly sure that Business might not be the one. Therefore, I decided to take some Engineering courses in the second semester. After having serious consideration, I firmly decided to transfer to the Engineering School. Everyone said “You are insane.” But, now, I feel so grateful about it. Why? The first reason is because of passion. The more I learnt about engineering, the more I believe I am passionate about human. What I am talking here is not simply about interaction between human, but much deeper than that: human’s problems, health, food and technology. There have been so many things that need to be rebuilt or developed in order to make human’s life easier and healthier. Hence, I believe I have to have sufficient knowledge enabling me to help and serve. And, engineering is certainly the right choice to study. The second reason is about readiness.  I am confident that I will be fully equipped for the real working life in the future. Besides the technical knowledge, the School of Engineering provides us all kinds of exposures as well as non-academic skills which are terribly essential to make us all-rounded. There are still many reasons why I have made this big step. Above all, I am proud to be one of engineering students of HKUST.

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Email :  vgabriella
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