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Sally Cheuk Lam KONG   江卓琳
Head Student Ambassador, 2016-17
Student Ambassador, 2014-15
Class of 2017, BEng Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Secondary School: St. Paul's School (Lam Tin), Hong Kong

My learning journey in Science started from my childhood. When I was small, my mathematics and science subjects were always getting relatively better grades than the others. I found myself amazed with the mystery of Science and loved that feeling very much whenever I solved the science problems. Later on, I noticed that Engineering made Science theory practical and useful in solving daily problems after learning more about it. Engineers serve our community by solving problems and improving our quality of life, therefore I would like to devote myself in this field.

Some of my friends were puzzled by the reasons I chose studying Science and Engineering, a field that generally stereotyped for boys, in university. But, I do believe gender is not a factor affecting our interests and achievements in our future. My crucial finding in my first year university study is that engineering is FUN. I hope you will discover and enjoy the joy and tears in most of your university experience like me.

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Email :  clkong
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