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Terrence F YEE   余瑞富
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Professor of Engineering Practice
Associate Director, MPhil in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Individual Research Interest

Technology management and offering development; entrepreneurship and engineering education


Prof Yee manages the MPhil program in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE). In this experiential based program, he helps students to gain experience and insights into all the different aspects of entrepreneurship through teaching the TLE course and seminars and helping to connect students with the entrepreneurship ecosystem in and around Hong Kong. In the TLE program, Prof Yee places high emphasis for students to develop products and offerings with technical differentiation in order to create a sustainable startup.

Having spent over 20 years in a multi-national corporation in the US and Asia focusing on a variety of functions, such as R&D, Technology Transfer, Technical Sales, and Strategic and Tactical Marketing, Prof Yee very much focuses on getting students ready for the working world. Effective teamwork, management, and communication all adds to the probability of success. He also places a heavy emphasis to expand one’s comfort zone through gaining exposure and experiences.

At HKUST, Prof Yee previously taught in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department and the Division of Environment. In late 2017, he joined the newly created Division of Integrative Systems and Design, where he currently teaches and is now the home for the TLE MPhil program.

Prof Yee’s research interests include technology and product management and offering development, environmental impact assessment/solutions and entrepreneurship and engineering education. Prof Yee also has strong interest in the areas of mentoring and diversity awareness and appreciation leveraging his experience as a trainer and initiator of these types of programs in his previous company.

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