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Kit Ming LAM   林傑明
PhD, University of Hong Kong
Visiting Associate Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Thermofluid, Environmental Engineering: Environmental Hydraulics & Water Resources, Green Building & Sustainable Development
Individual Research Interest

Wind engineering, building aerodynamics, environmental fluid mechanics, jets and wakes, urban hydraulics and hydrology, fluid-induced vibration, fluid-particle interaction, wind tunnel modelling.


Dr K. M. Lam has over 25-year experience of teaching and research in wind engineering, environmental hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Dr Lam has been running a boundary layer wind tunnel for research projects on wind effects on buildings and structures. RGC funded projects in wind engineering include wind pressures on large cantilevered roofs, interference of wind loading of tall buildings in close proximity, vortex excitation of tall buildings, vortex flows around bluff bodies, and pollutant dispersion in street canyons. Dr Lam contributed to the writing of Hong Kong Wind Code 2004 and the proposed Macau Wind Code 2008. He was President of Hong Kong Wind Engineering Society during 2011-2014. In environmental hydraulics, Dr Lam has worked on mixing of submerged jets with application to effluent discharge by outfalls, sustainable urban stormwater management using low-impact development, and particle-turbulence interaction. During 2013-2015, he carried out a field monitoring project of porous pavements in Hong Kong. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of Asia Pacific Division of the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and served as Chairman of IAHR (Hong Kong Chapter) during 2009-2011. Dr Lam is an Associate Editor of Journal of Hydro-environment Research for 2007-2020.

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