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Mengqian LU   ι™ΈθŒθŒœ
MSc (2011); MPhil (2014); PhD (2014), Columbia University in the City of New York
BEng (2009), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Assistant Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Environmental Engineering: Environmental Hydraulics & Water Resources, Data Analytics
Individual Research Interest

- Hydrometeorological extremes, i.e., floods and droughts, atmospheric diagnosis, statistical and physical based modelling, extended ranged and Seasonal to Sub-seasonal (S2S) prediction

- Severe weather prediction, i.e. typhoon/hurricane, tornado, hail etc.

- Climate change and variability, coupled ocean-atmospheric dynamics

- Spatiotemporal statistics, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Big Data analytics in Hydroclimate studies

- Water resources system analysis, multi-timescale climate-informed stochastic hybrid simulation-optimization (McISH) modelling


Mengqian obtained her Bachelor of Engineering from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at HKUST in 2009 and went to Columbia University in the City of New York and obtained her Master of Science (2011), Master of Philosophy (2014) and Doctor of Philosophy (2014) from the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, major in water resources and climate risk. Her research focuses on diagnosis, modelling and prediction of hydrometeorological extremes, climate risk analysis and management. Her postdoctoral residency (2014-2015) in the Department of Applied Physics and Applies Math at Columbia University extended her research to atmospheric dynamics and earth science. After her postdoc residency, she worked in the Department of Statistics and School of International and Public Affairs, prior to joining HKUST as an Assistant Professor in 2016. She has taught postgraduate programs in the Department of Statistics, the Data Science Institute and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

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