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Xun HUANG   黄迅
PhD, University of Southampton
Adjunct Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Aircraft & Aeronautical Engineering
Individual Research Interest

Aeroacoustic; wave; flight and flow control.


Professor Huang, as an AIAA Associate Fellow, has research interests focusing on aeronautics and astronautics. He has received Edison Award of Technology of Excellence (GE 2003), ICBC Teaching Award (PKU 2012), Award of Excellent Young Scholar (NSF China 2013) and Newton Advanced Fellowship (Royal Society 2015). He has been a member of the editorial boards for J. Aeroacoustics and Acta Mechanica Sinica since 2009 and 2015, respectively. Professor Huang has industrial and research experiences in aeronautics and astronautics and his current interest mainly focuses on aerospace related acoustic and control problems. Since 2009 he has managed 5 NSFC research projects as principal investigator, and completed about 10 aerospace industry projects in flight and flow control, acoustic imaging and vibration signal processing, and aircraft and aeroengine noise simulation and theoretical modeling. As an adjunct faculty, Professor Huang has helped UST to evaluate and refine a new anechoic wind tunnel and build up testing facilities for small satellites.

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