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Stephen K L LEE   李建龍
PhD, University of Southampton
Adjunct Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Associate Director of Advanced Engineering Materials Facility (AEMF)
Individual Research Interest

Material characterization of composite materials, design and fabrication of integrated composite structure, and manufacture of aircraft composite structure using out-of-autoclave processes.


Prof Lee obtained his PhD from University of Southampton. He was a senior material and product development engineer at Winnipeg division of Boeing Commercial Airplane Co, and was involved in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite materials for aircraft structures and also involved in the development of high performance composite structure for defense applications. 

Prof Lee joined the Structures, Materials and Propulsion Laboratory, Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council (NRC) of Canada as an assistant research officer and was promoted to senior research officer in 1992. He was a board member (director) of the Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials and served as an advisory committee member to the Aerospace Industry of Association of Canada (AIAC).  In 1994, Prof Lee was nominated and appointed as a Canadian panel member on composite materials under The Technology Cooperation Program (TTCP) between the defense departments of Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.  Prof. Lee also served on consultant missions for the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) of NATO.

In 1996 Prof Lee joined The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and is the associate director of the Advanced Engineering Material Facility. He has been responsible for research cooperation between the university, government and other research organizations in Hong Kong and in China. Prof. Lee has published over 100 technical reports, conference and journal papers and also co-author a chapter in a handbook.

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