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David C C LAM   林銓振
PhD, University of California at Santa Barbara
Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Associate Director of Center for Advanced Microsystems Packaging (CAMP)
Departmental Research Area
Design & Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Electronics, Advanced Materials & Technology
Individual Research Interest

Prof. David CC LAM is a material scientist and engineer working to develop new indexes for clinical diagnoses based on data obtained from new medical devices. He and his team developed the corneal indentation device to obtain new for the characterization of the biomechanical behavior of the eye; and developed the contact lens sensor for the monitoring of the time-dependent deformation behavior of the eye. Working with neurologists, he led the engineering development of new treatments for ischemic stroke. Before his work in medical devices, he conducted experiments in porous solids and developed the mechanics theory for porous solids; conducted nanomechanics experiments in soft matters and developed new higher order elasticity theory for polymers; developed embedded electronics passive packages, and contributed to the understanding of fracture and reliability of thin films and packages. In addition to his work on new medical devices, he is harvesting the new data afforded by the device and developing new diagnostic indexes using new AI approaches to improve the diagnoses of ocular diseases such as glaucoma.


Prof. LAM obtained his doctoral degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara under the tutelage of Prof. Anthony G Evans and Prof. Fred F Lange. He worked in industry, and is presently Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

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