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Kai TANG   湯凱
PhD, University of Michigan
Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Design & Manufacturing, CAD/CAM
Individual Research Interest
Bio-CAD; Solid Modeling; Robust and gouge-free tool path generation algorithms for; multi-axis NC machining; Feature recognition; Modeling of sculptured and deformable objects especially garment; Motion planning in robotics; Computational algorithms and methodologies in bioengineering; Application of neural networks

Prof Tang has extensive industrial and research experiences in CAD/CAM and design and manufacturing automation software development. Before joining HKUST in June 2001, he had been a senior software specialist for ten years at Applicon Inc., U.S.A., with major responsibilities including technical analysis, algorithms design, and code implementation of solid modeling and NC software.

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Tel :  +852 2358 8656
Fax :  +852 2358 1543
Email :  mektang
Office :  Room 2560
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