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Ajay JONEJA   周阿杰
PhD, Purdue University
Professor of Division of Integrative Systems and Design
Professor of Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
Associate Director of HKUST RFID Center
Departmental Research Area
Design & Manufacturing, CAD/CAM
Individual Research Interest

CAD/CAM integration for Manufacturing Processes; Computer-Aided Process Planning; Mass Customization; Rapid Prototyping.


Prof Joneja obtained his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, India. He then went to study Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, where he received his MSIE (1989) and PhD (1993). He subsequently joined the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics at HKUST as a Professor.

Prof Joneja's focus of research is in the area of automation of process planning, with emphasis on design representations and planning methods. He is interested in CAD/CAM issues related to manufacturing planning in areas such as machining, rapid prototyping, or mechanical assembly. The problem solving methods include a host of tools ranging from search strategies and heuristics to computational geometry and geometric reasoning. He is also involved in automation of assembly, and design of devices for rapid turnaround assembly systems.

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