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Mansun CHAN   陳文新
PhD, University of California
Chair Professor of Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Chair Professor of Computer Engineering Program
Departmental Research Area
Solid-State Electronics & Photonics
Individual Research Interest

Nano device technology, CMOS image sensors, SOI technology, high speed ICs, multimedia technology, RF circuits and biosensors for DNA analysis.


Prof Chan received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering (highest honors) and BS degree in Computer Sciences (highest honors) from the University of California at San Diego. He completed his MS degree and PhD degree at the University of California at Berkeley. During his undergraduate study, he was working with Rockwell International Laboratory on HBT modeling, where he developed the self-heating SPICE model for HBT. His research at Berkeley covered a broad area in silicon devices ranging from process development to device design, characterization, and modeling. A major part of his work was on the development of recording breaking SOI technologies. Prof Chan has also maintained a strong interest in device modeling and circuit simulation. He is one of the major contributors to the unified BSIM3 model for SPICE, which has recently been accepted by most US companies and SEMATECH as an industrial standard model. In January 1996, he joined the ECE faculty at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In January 2002, he visited UC Berkeley as a visiting professor and co-director of the BSIM project.

Prof Chan is a recipient of the UC Regents Fellowship, Golden Keys Scholarship for Academic Excellence, SRC Inventor Recognition Award, Rockwell Research Fellowship, R&D 100 award (for the BSIM3v3 project) and other awards and the IEEE EDS Education Award. He is a Distinguished Lecturer and a Fellow of IEEE.

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