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Xin LI   李昕
PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Senior Lecturer of Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Networking & Computer Systems
Individual Research Interest

Computer networks and data communications, in particular the development of scheduling algorithms and the architectural design for scalable and high-performance switches/ routers, both electronic and optical.


LI Xin Cindy received her PhD from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST, 2005. Then she worked as Visiting Assistant Professor for the same department. She teaches CSE fundamental courses, oversees FYP projects, assists department OBE related issues and outreach activities.

Her research interests in Computer Science is on network algorithms (especially in switches and routers).

She is also actively involved in innovative research on Engineering Education and is affiliated to Center for Engineering Education Innovation.

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Tel :  +852 2358 6994
Fax :  +852 2358 1477
Email :  lixin
Office :  Room 3525
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