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Wilfred Siu-Hung NG   吳兆鴻
PhD, University College London
Associate Director of Computer Engineering Program
Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Departmental Research Area
Data, Knowledge & Information Management
Individual Research Interest

Semantic data modeling, database query languages, data mining; managing XML data and web searching.


Prof Wilfred S H Ng obtained his BSc (Hon) degree and Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Hong Kong. He then received his MSc (Distinction) and PhD degrees from the University of London (University College London) in the UK. His research interests are Databases and Information Systems, which include semantic data modelling, query language processing, data mining, web searching and XML technologies. He has research/ teaching/ presentation experience in different countries spanning the continents of North America, Europe and Asia. While in the UK, he worked with some of the leading academics in database modelling and gained working experience in the academic and industrial sectors. He has published extensively in various prestigious conferences and journals. Prof Ng is now an associate professor and undergraduate studies director in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is also a professional member of the ACM and the IEEE.

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