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Brahim BENSAOU   彭卲邦
PhD, University Paris VI, Pierre and Marie Curie
Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Associate Professor of Computer Engineering Program
Departmental Research Area
Networking & Computer Systems
Individual Research Interest

Packet networks and Internet; wireless networks; ad-hoc and sensor networks; traffic control, congestion control and resource allocation.


Prof Bensaou attended High School at Lycée Emir Abdelkader (of Algiers Algeria), known for its high quality teaching and graduates such as literature Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus, Paul Robert (Le Robert), or Dr Elias Zerhouni the former Director of the US NIH, among many others. 

After obtaining the Baccalauréat, Prof Bensaou spent five years at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene of Algiers Algeria, where Prof Bensaou obtained a State Engineering degree in Computer Science. In Prof Bensaou’s senior year Prof Bensaou fell under the spell of computer networking, and decided to pursue this interest.
Prof Bensaou took the National exam for postgraduate scholarships and ranked second over the top 230 candidates nationwide, and thus was awarded a joint Algerian/French governments graduate scholarship.
After the first year in France, Prof Bensaou earned Prof Bensaou’s DEA degree in Computer Science (a MSc equivalent), more specifically the DEA on Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Applications (FSIA) driven by Professor Erol Gelenbe at the University Paris 11 Orsay.
After the DEA, Prof Bensaou joined the PhD program of the University Paris 6, Pierre and Marie Curie in 1990. Under the co-supervision of Professor Guy Pujolle at the University and Dr James W Roberts at France Telecom research labs Prof Bensaou worked on the then hot issues in ATM networks. In end 1993 he defended successfully his PhD thesis and was awarded his degree of Doctorate of the University Paris 6 in 1994. 
In mid-1995 he joined the EEE Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Postdoctoral research associate for a year and a half, then moved to Singapore's Centre for Wireless Communications (now known as I2r, A-Star) a national R&D Centre, where he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff, and Networks group leader, and worked on R&D projects and the design and development of a cutting edge networking technology (e.g., prototype wireless ATM NICs with QoS jointly with Ericsson AB, Sweden.)
In fall 2000 he decided to move to academia at the Computer Science Department of the HKUST where he is an Associate Professor.
Prof Bensaou’s research interests lie primarily in Computer and Communication Networks both wired and wireless. 
He is a Senior member of IEEE, and a member of ACM, IEEE ComSoc and ACM SigComm. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Communications Letters and is on the TPC of several major IEEE conferences.
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