HKUST is ranked No.1 in Hong Kong (globally 28th) in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 by Subject: Computer Science.
Hong Kong - The City of Life
Chinese Culture in a Cosmopolitan City

Lying at the heart of Asia and the southern tip of China, Hong Kong is not only one of the world's major business and financial centers, but a unique place where ancient Chinese traditions are interwoven with a fast-paced, cosmopolitan, 21st-century lifestyle that incorporates the latest technological and trend-setting advances. Within the Chinese empire for more than 2,000 years and with 150 years of British colonial influence, the city offers a rich heritage and a diversity that few other places in the world can rival.

A City for Quality Living

Visitors to Hong Kong are often fascinated by its 24/7 lifestyle. The vibrant city has something for everyone. Here in Hong Kong, you can be wandering inside the hustle and bustle of the city area in the morning, while in the evening there are an array of entertainments waiting for you. When you wish to have some silent moments, a stroll along the bay on campus would be an ideal choice. Hong Kong boasts to have one of the world's best public transportation systems in the world, which puts every corner within an easy arm's reach. With consistently low crime rates, Hong Kong is definitely a safe and comfortable city to live in.

Gateway to the Chinese Mainland

On Hong Kong's doorstep are the many fascinating sights and cities of the Chinese Mainland. These are easily accessible from Hong Kong via its well-developed transportation network. Simply obtain a visa and you are ready to go!