HKUST School of Engineering has more than 200 faculty members, the largest number among all the Schools of HKUST.

Advancing the boundaries of what we know is the key to progress. One of HKUST’s core objectives is to be a leading research institution, pursuing knowledge in both fundamental and applied areas and collaborating closely with business and industry to promote technological innovation and economic development. The School of Engineering works closely with HKUST’s Research and Graduate Studies Branch (RG Branch) to achieve this objective.

Driving the Future

The Dean of Engineering and the School’s Department Heads participate in strategic research planning with the RG Branch and help to consolidate research projects and technology transfer. Each of the School’s departments focuses on areas of research appropriate to its own specialization and on projects where collaboration with other departments or sectors of the community is of benefit.

Success Story

Since the founding of HKUST in 1991, the School of Engineering’s innovative research has helped to generate many exciting technological advances. These achievements range from numerous patents to establishing research centers to support local industry to assist the development of Hong Kong and the region. Faculty members have also continuously received top international honors for their work and had their research published in leading academic journals.

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