OBE Implementation

E2QAC Work plan

The E2QAC was established in Spring 2014 to review and coordinate on the PO measurement. Under the effort led by E2QAC, the progress of OBE implementation is as follows:



Feb – March 14

E2QAC reviewed the format of the Departmental QA Annual Report Template and revised it to align with the OBE for program outcome assessment

March – May 14

With the comments from the HKIE Accreditation Visiting Team, Departments/ Programs have reviewed and updated the curriculum mapping (T-P-M mapping table) and calendar of measurement

Sept 14 – May 15 (planned)

Sharing sessions on execution plan of how to collect data, develop rubrics and analyze the data

Nov 14 – Dec 14

Review the course ILOs and updating

Dec 14 – Summer 15

Review and refine the FYP rubrics

Spring 15 (planned)

Start collecting data for some courses to try out the measurement plan

2015-16 (planned)

Try out the FYP rubrics

(Updated : January 2015)