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Public transportation in Hong Kong is very efficient. You can get to HKUST by taxi, the MTR, or bus from airport easily. The map shows you the main routes connecting Kowloon and Hong Kong Island to our campus.



The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the easiest way for visitors to get around Hong Kong. Tickets can be purchased from machines in the stations on a trip-by-trip basis or you can purchase multi-use Octopus cards at MTR ticket windows (For more information you can discuss with either information center of the airport or MTR staff in the airport station).

The Choi Hung (green line in the location map) and Hang Hau (Purple line in the location map) MTR stations are the closest to the University. You can take a minibus or taxi from these to the main entrance of HKUST (For details about the bus and minibus numbers, check out the relevant section below).


Taxis provide the simplest way to get to the University, and are easily available at any MTR station, from hotels and most areas of Hong Kong. You can take a taxi with a fare of around HK$300 from the airport, HK$50 from Choi Hung Station and HK$30 from Hang Hau Station. Note that only HK dollars will be accepted by the taxi driver.

Print a copy of the map and bring it with you in case you need to show the route or University name and address in Chinese to the taxi driver.


Buses from the airport
Route No. Destination Operation Hours Frequency
A22 Lam Tin MTR Station 06:00 - 00:10 12 - 26 mins
E22A Po Lam Public Transport Interchange 07:00 - 23:50 20 - 40 mins
N29 Po Lam Public Transport Interchange 00:15 & 01:10 (Overnight service) /

Buses/minibuses to HKUST
Route Details
Route No.
From Choi Hung MTR Station 91, 91M 11, 11S
From Hang Hau MTR Station 91M 11, 11M, 11S
From Po Lam MTR Station 91M 12


Applicants who have accepted the offer of admission should visit the website of the Student Housing Office (SHO), Student Affairs Office for the latest information on application for postgraduate student accommodation.

Check-in procedure
A guideline on check-in procedure will be attached with the admission letter. You can also refer to the note and map below for reference.

  1. Go to Management Office at G/F in Tower B (red circle on the campus map) for check-in. Office staff will then lead you to your room. Room key will not be given to you at this stage.
  2. Go to Student Housing Office at G/F in UG Hall II (blue circle) to get the hall debit note for payment. You can obtain your room key after you have paid half-month hall fee.
  3. Go to Hang Seng Bank (green circle) to settle the payment.
  4. Obtain your room key and sign on the check-in record in Management Office

Remarks: Payment and key collection should be done on the next day during office hour if you arrive at midnight.

For details, you can visit https://sao.ust.hk/housing/sahall/index.htm.


Students should bring the relevant documents and go to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office to complete the registration upon their arrival to HKUST.

Admissions, Registration and Records Office
Postgraduate Admissions Team
Admissions, Registration and Records office
Room 1381, Academic Building
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 2623-1120
Email: gradmit@ust.hk
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:15

Campus Life

You may visit the following links for further information.

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) supports students' pursuits for academic excellence and competencies development in their university education. SAO provides services and programs to students in all aspects of their student life, and work closely with student groups in enriching the campus life for students.

The Student Housing Office (SHO) is responsible for managing student housing and assisting students in finding off-campus accommodation. It handles all matters relating to student housing such as hall application and admission, room allocation, and management of residential facilities.

The University provides medical and dental services to students. Full-time students can use the Medical Clinic and the Student Dental Clinic upon presenting their student ID cards.

Students can participate in the activities and programs organized by the Students’ Union and affiliated societies.

Exercise and recreational activities can provide balance to your university life and help promote social bonding in the university. There are plenty of sports and recreational facilities in the campus that serve the purpose.

The Center for the Arts (CFA) aims to bring art and culture to the university, nurture students’ artistic awareness and appreciation of the cultural arts. A wide array of art and cultural programs are introduced through the Center for the Arts and the Co-curricular Programs.

HKUST provides everything that you need, and more, to make campus living convenient and easy, including a supermarket, a bookstore, banks, a post office, a hair salon and a souvenir shop.

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