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Office of the Dean of Engineering
Engineering Leadership
Lead the overall management of the School in academic and administrative areas, engage in decision-making and strategic planning
  Name Title Extn Email Room
Prof  Tim Kwang Ting CHENG Dean of Engineering 6952 timcheng 6548
  Prof Chi-Ying TSUI Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) 6970 eetsui 6546
Prof Siu-Wing CHENG Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) 8389 scheng 6545
Ms Florence LEE Secretary 8351 egflolee 6542
  Prof King Lun YEUNG Associate Dean (Research &
Graduate Studies)
6962 egpgad 5611B
  Ms Iris CHOI Secretary 6962 egiris 5611A
School Administration (Budget & Personnel)
Oversee the administration of the School ranging from budgeting, finance, human resources, to facilities planning and management
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Ms Joyce LEUNG School Administrator 8919 egjoyce 5605
Ms Ellie HO Manager (School Administration) 34692575 egellie 5611E
  Ms Kandi HO Executive Officer 5844 egkandi 5611C
  Ms Tammy TAI Executive Officer 34692278 egtammy 5611C
  Ms Patsy WONG Clerk 6963 egpatsy 5603
General Office Support
Provide general support to the Office of the Dean of Engineering
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Mr Kam Lun CHOW Clerical Assistant 34692521 eglun 5603
Mr Adam LI Clerical Assistant 34692226 egadam 2580
  Ms Ann IP Office Assistant 6967 egann 6542
Research & Graduate Studies Administration

Coordinate the activities of postgraduate studies, including student recruitment and program administration; and the research initiatives of faculty members

MPhil/PhD Programs & Research


  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Ms Margaret CHAU Head (Research & Graduate Studies Administration) 6956 egmchau 5606
  Ms Kammy CHAN Assistant Manager 8353 egkammy 5603
  Ms Ada WONG Assistant Manager 5921 egkywong 5603
Ms Lam CHAN Instructional Assistant 5923 eglamchan 5603
Ms Katrina MAK Instructional Assistant 7236 egkatrina 5603
Ms Rebecca TSANG Instructional Assistant 5922 egrebecca 5603
Ms Louise YAP Instructional Assistant 5774 egsyyap 5603

Technology Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program Administration & Management


  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Prof King Lun YEUNG Director 6962 egpgad 5611B
  Prof Terrence YEE Associate Director 8415 ketfyee 4358
  Ms Wendy YAU Assistant Manager 5771 egwendyyau 5603
Ms Lam CHAN Instructional Assistant 5923 eglamchan 5603

MSc & Professional Programs

  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room

Ms Fenny WONG Assistant Director (Professional Program & External Development) 5772 egfenny 5601
  Ms Mandy SIN Manager 8987 egmandy 5603
  Ms Vince CHOW Assistant Manager 5773 egvince 5603


Ms Sze Ming LEE Assistant Manager 6959 egsze 5603
  Ms Wendy YAU Assistant Manager 5771 egwendyyau 5603
  Ms Lucy YUK Assistant Manager 8985 eglucy 5603
  Ms Kathy LEUNG Clerk 6968 egkathy 5603
  Ms Janice NG Clerk 8984 egjanice 5603
  Mr Arthur LEE Office Assistant 8983 egarthur 5603
Undergraduate Affairs Administration
Manage undergraduate recruitment, admission and program development, including program administration, curriculum development, exchange programs, internships and student affairs
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Ms Patricia LAI Assistant Director, UG Affairs Administration 6954 egpat 6544
  Ms Janice HO Program Manager, UG Affairs Administration 8062 egjho 6542
Ms Ada CHAU Executive Officer 6965 adachau 6542
Ms Burgitta HO Executive Officer 8877 egbho 6542


Ms Tina LAW Executive Officer 8986 egtina 6542
Ms Violet LEE Executive Officer 8990 egviolet 6542
  Ms Florence LEE Instructional Assistant 8351 egflolee 6542
Ms Tracy CHENG Program Assistant 6960 egtcheng 6542
  Ms Wylie HAU Clerk 6958 egwylie 6542
Communications & External Affairs
Coordinate outreaching and publicity efforts, including events management, media relations, publications; and foster alumni relations
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Ms Diana LIU Head, Communications & External Affairs 8982 egdiana 6527
  Ms Tiffany TANG Executive Officer 8045 egtiffany 6528
Ms Karen YAU Executive Officer 8446 egkarenyau 6528
  Ms Dorothy YIP Executive Officer 5917 egkkyip 6526
Ms Sandy KWONG Instructional Assistant 34692210 egsandy 6526
Facilities & Minor Works
Manage building facilities and minor works projects of the School
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Mr Paul LAI Engineer 6831 egpaull 5588
Computing Support
Oversee IT services and manage information systems projects of the School
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
Mr Terence CHOW Assistant Computer Officer 8435 egtchow 6542
Center for Global & Community Engagement (GCE)
Manage the co-curriculum GCE Program that creates and facilitates educational and leadership opportunities for students
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
  Prof Kam Tim WOO Director 8540 eetim


Ms Winnie YUEN Teaching Associate 5916 egwinnie CYT3007D
Ms Lillian CHIN Instructional Assistant 34692545 eglillian CYT3007D
Mr Eric HO Instructional Assistant 34692461 eetak CYT3007D
Mr Sau Lak LAW Instructional Assistant 8788 eglsl CYT3007D
Mr Eric LEUNG Instructional Assistant 8788 eecyl CYT3007D
Mr Felix TAM Clerk 5916 egfelix CYT3007D
Center for Industry Engagement & Internship (IEI)
Cultivate students' early exposure to professional work experience via internship
  Contact Person Title Extn Email Room
Ms Kylie CHOI Executive Officer 5920 egkyliec 5588
  Ms Maggie WONG Clerk 6969 egwnwong 5588



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